Rocelco Medium Anti Fatigue Mat

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  • USE ANYWHERE you stand for long periods of time, in the kitchen, office, garage, or at professional facilities such as manufacturing plants, restaurants or businesses
  • HELPS REDUCE FATIGUE: supports your back, your hips, your knees and your feet while standing for long periods
  • DURABLE: Commerical Grade advanced multi-layer construction offers a comfortable “leather like” top surface, a memory foam inner layer and a non-slip bottom.
  • COMFORTABLE: Effectively “reduces” your weight by ~30% to make standing easier on your feet and joints.
  • SPACIOUS: 30” x 20” size provides plenty of room to move around, but still can fit into the kneehole of a standard desk or built-in when it is not being used
  • SAFE: Beveled edges help to reduce tripping issues.
  • READY TO USE: Ships flat and arrives ready to use with no wrinkles

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