Stand and Save!

So far we’ve focused heavily on how standing benefits employees, both physically and mentally. But for most people this isn’t exactly new information. Lately, studies and articles have been telling us often (and loudly) about how beneficial standing is for our health.

But if you’re here on behalf of a company, you may be thinking “that’s great and all, but we can’t justify the price of buying standing desks for all our employees.” Even though they may appear prohibitively expensive upfront, as you’ll soon see it’s an investment that very quickly pays for itself.

A 2014 study conducted by the University of Michigan looked at employees with metabolic syndrome who got the government recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week compared to those who didn’t. They found that those who got their daily recommended exercise cost $1,085 less in annual health care costs. Not only that, but those who did not exercise cost twice as much in pharmacy costs alone!

It’s important to note here that this study was not a comparison between health care costs of healthy versus unhealthy employees, but a group entirely made up of unhealthy employees, where some exercised for a mere 20 minutes a day.

At Movility, we’re not just offering a quick fix recommendation of 20 minutes of exercise per day. We’re providing standing desks that allow employees to remain active throughout the entire day, as well as articles and video training to help achieve their optimal health.

That being said, reduced health insurance premiums aren’t the only way that standing desks can improve the bottom line of a company.

Researchers have found that employees who are given standing desks were more productive than their seated counterparts by 23% in the first month, increasing to 53% after five months as the standing employees acclimated to their new work setup, with an average productivity increase of 46%.

Even for an average employee making $40,000/year, this 46% increase in productivity would save $353.23 per week. This means that the increase in productivity would cover the cost of one of our standing desks in less than a week at the peak productivity increase, and two weeks at the beginning productivity increase.

Another study conducted by Medibank Australia found that unhealthy employees were nine times as likely to take sick days as their healthy counterparts. For the same average employee (whose salary equals about $160/day), even if half of healthy employees only take one sick day per year (average of 0.5 sick days per healthy employee), the unhealthy employee will take 4.5 sick days per year, which would cost the company $640 more in wages paid while the unhealthy employee was not working!

Some of the studies we referenced previously showed that decreased sedentary time lead to lower levels of depression and anxiety, as well as improved mood states.  This means that employees given the option to stand will be happier and more satisfied with their jobs. Happy employees show lower levels of turnover, which can be incredibly expensive for companies!

Various studies have shown that the cost of employee turnover can vary from 50-150% of the employees annual salary after factoring in decreased productivity, training costs for replacement employees, recruitment costs, etc.

For the same average employee making $40,000/year, this means the cost to replace them could range from $20,000 to $60,000! This means that providing a standing option will pay for itself many times over if it makes one employee happy enough to stay when they would have otherwise quit.

The above has just been focusing on the monetary side of the equation, but there are intangible benefits that will crop up as well! If your company takes the leap to invest in their employees in this way, you’ll build a reputation as the type of company that cares enough about its employees to invest in their health and future. This will not only reduce employee turnover, but also make recruiting new employees that much easier as they’ll be motivated to work at the place that genuinely cares about their well being!

By now it should be obvious that providing standing desks is not just worthwhile, but can even be a profitable investment in your business! But if you need any more convincing, we’ve decided to include a discount for 10% off your order. Just click here and add one of our desks to your cart, and enter coupon code MOV4BIZ at checkout!

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