Our Story

“…Who writes this shit?” I thought aloud to no one in particular, as I watched the circa 1985 training video display proper sitting posture for desk work; the actor on screen displaying a toothy, dead-eyed smile to ensure the viewer that he is in fact comfortable.

This was my third desk job out of University, and I was required to watch yet another cliched video on proper office ergonomics. Keep the head and eyes facing straight ahead. Knees, hips and elbows at 90 degree angles. Follow these tips the film proclaims, and you can be as happy and healthy as this totally real office worker Bill, who is definitely not a model.

“With dialogue this compelling, my guess is Michael Bay” my coworker Dave replied, kicking his feet up on a nearby chair and miming a stifled yawn. 

“Well yeah, he’s certainly going to win best screenplay for this” I replied sardonically, “But I was talking about what they’re proposing as a solution here. The health and wellness industry has been anything but stagnant for the past two decades, shouldn’t this stuff at least try to keep up?”

Little did I realize the rabbit hole that this question would lead me down.


My goal with Movility is a simple one: To help people regain their health and fitness levels, even if they’re tied to a desk for 40+ hours per week. We’ve never had more information about the dangers of modern sedentary life, yet the topic of how to remain healthy is more confusing that ever. 

An article in the times says that sitting is akin to smoking two packs a day, and that you have to stand at work if you don’t want to die in a year. But bodybuilding.com says standing all day is bad for your knees, and that anyone who doesn’t get a treadmill desk is a filthy plebeian. An article in The Guardian says that eating bacon and eggs is akin to slathering the fat directly on your arteries, but an article in Reuters says that eggs are the newest superfood1 that will save your life in 2016.2 

With so much (mis)information spreading around masked as science, it’s no wonder that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world3. The average employee puts in 40 hours a week; with a commute and lunch break, that can easily go up to 50+ hour weeks. Add in other responsibilities, and this doesn’t leave much time for wading through mountains of bad studies and clickbait headlines4.

This is where we come in.

We sift through the nonsense to provide the most accurate information that has been verified by properly executed studies5. We also provide the highest quality products to aid you in your quest to better health.

Looking for computer glasses that don’t feel as if they came out of a cracker jack box6? How about a standing desk that fits on your existing desk, won’t break the bank and is more than just a glorified tv table7? We’ve got your back.

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1 What the hell is a “superfood” anyway? Does it mean that if I eat acai and kale for dinner that I get a pass to shovel pizza and beer down my gullet later that night? (The research says no, but more on that later)

2 Eggs are very good for you, but I had to provide a counterpoint

3 https://www.heart.org/idc/groups/ahamah-public/@wcm/@sop/@smd/documents/downloadable/ucm_470704.pdf

4 Up next, the 10 worst diet fads of 2015. Number six will blow your mind, and may make you curl up in the corner and sob uncontrollably!

5 If I see one more observational study that’s funded by a company that makes their money off vegetarian products claim that red meat is bad for your heart, I’m going to have an aneurysm and commit seppuku (in that order).

6 I’m putting you on notice, Gamma Ray Glasses.

7 You too, Stand Steady standing desk